Sick Scenes  Los Campesinos!  Art Direction + Illustration + Design   Sick Scenes is the sixth studio album by Los Campesinos!.
  Reich, Glass, Adams: The Sounds That Changed America  The Barbican  illustration + design   The Barbican Centre commissioned a design to advertise their season of concerts celebrating the work of contemporary US composers Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams.   This was a very exciting job for me, as I'm a huge fan of the work of all three, especially Steve Reich. The idea of the portraits was developed from an earlier concept sketch where the three were depicted in the rock face at Mount Rushmore. I was hoping to communicate a sense of vibrance and fluidity within the images of these three cultural giants, against the backdrop of the cold permanence of a mechanised, godless modern America.  Unfortunately this design had to be canned after one of the composers expressed displeasure at the way I had depicted them. Surprisingly it wasn't Philip Glass, who probably had the strongest case for complaint. In the end, The Barbican went with the stripped-down alternative version in the next image.
  NO BLUES  Los Campesinos!  Art Direction + Design   Art direction and design for Los Campesinos!'s 5th studio album, NO BLUES, including promotional video and additional interactive content for websites such as Pitchfork Advance.
  Never Kiss A Tory   Illustration   I initially designed this t-shirt as part of an effort to protest against government austerity and to raise money for Child Poverty Action Group, Refugee Council and The Trussell Trust.  It did, however, prove to be somewhat prescient following the porcine revelations in Lord Ashcroft's infamous book. You can read the interview I did about it with Vice's Noisey  here . Life comes at you fast.
  A Los Campesinos! Christmas  Los Campesinos!  Art Direction + Design   For this collection of original Christmas songs, I wanted to create sleeve art that might tap into the vague sense of shared bittersweet sentimentality that Christmas invokes in us. One of the great tensions I notice within my own feelings at this time of the year suspends between my childhood memories of Christmases past and my miserable present-day cynicism.   I felt the image of a hand-built snowglobe containing a hyper-realistic scene in miniature went some way towards communicating that same tension.
  Self Esteem   Illustration   My good friend Rebecca of the band Slow Club asked me to design some merch for her new project Self Esteem, specifically depicting her steamy on/off romance with hand-rod puppet Kermit The Frog.  You can pick one up and listen to her rad new solo album  here .
  A Good Night For A Fistfight  Los Campesinos!  Art Direction + Illustration + Design